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Get the word out to Search Engines and drive SEO traffic to your site.

SEO has never been something to leave to chance, but now more than ever it pays to be proactive. We develop every project from the ground up to build your pagerank through strategically tuned content and a deep knowledge of search engine mechanics.

We double-teamed the search competition with two targeted sites

San Miguel de Allende-based photographer Michael Amici came to us with a dilemma. Born with a great eye, a talent for bringing out people’s essences, and a curiosity about the world and personalities, he had far-ranging interests that did not always fit well with his bread-and-butter wedding photography business.

He needed a solution that would increase his bridal photography business and market his photojournalistic style, but give him the freedom to roam and express himself with everything from landscapes to nudes, travel shots to Day of the Dead calaveras. We said, “why shouldn’t you have both?,“ and built him two sites.

From a pagerank of lower than 100 (we literally could not find him listed when we started), Michael now sits atop several of the most coveted spots in all of Mexico.

Create your own niche and own it

Wedding planning is a crowded multi-billion-dollar industry, and ranking (with no budget) against $100-million+ companies is no picnic. So we decided to lead with our strength: Since we’re creating a new type of approach, let's name it and own it.

Social Wedding Planning is born.

In the short time we’ve been at it, the field has quickly gathered momentum, but we consistently rank #1 for the term. It isn’t the only term we target, but it is working particularly well for us. Sometimes being there first makes all the difference.

Inquiries more than doubled for SF Treasure Hunts' services

San Francisco Treasure Hunts has been a client for a solid 15 years. In 2014 it was time for a freshening-up, and we asked what would constitute success. One clear, measurable goal was to increase the number of inquiries for their custom hunts. We aimed for 50% growth.

Our strategy: refocus the site content toward that end, improve the mobile usability, and aim for a high Google pagerank.

The result? Despite heavy advertising by the competition, the site occupies the top 3 spots on the first page of Google, and we exceeded our target goal by another 50%.

If it isn’t in your site copy, you don’t exist for the Google.

Or the Bing, or people who don’t yet know about you. Make the most of your content, and approach search optimization legitimately. Then it will be to the search engines’ benefit to find and feature you.

Raise the visibility of your project.

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